Shooting Table (iP-3XB152025)


Photographers with mounting this tool on lightening stands are able to have a working table that moves horizontally and vertically. Basically this tool with the accompany of holders and clamps can become a professional equipped studios for professional photographers. Also helps you shoot commercial photography projects alone, without various assistants.

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iP -3XB152025 Shooting Table Bracket is a tool that consists of 3 metal
plates with 15x15cm, 20x20cm, 30x30cm and a hardened aluminum
connector for mountaining on any kind of light stand.
This tool is capable of tolerating weight of implements, small, large and
even heavy ones. You can mount different products on this tool directly
or use Plexiglas for enlarging your shooting pad. There are holes on
these plates that you can mount different materials like wood, lumber
and … on it. Shooting Table Bracket is a useful tool that you can easily
focuse the lightning photography on the products. The photographers
will be able to approach side lights to the subjects and replace it with
their working tables.