iPipe Light

iPipe Light

With coverage and functionality to match its unique shape, the ipipe light for any Strobes from ilkeen is a great solution for tight locations and single light shooting in architectural, portrait, fashion and advertising photography. ⁣
The 90cm cylinder has a diameter of 20cm, which is closed at the end to trap the strobe’s output, bouncing it around inside the modifier to provide a soft 360-degree beam spread through its translucent surface. With a very clever design decision, ilkeen has provided two 90 x 25cm counter-reflectors to block off specific sections of the light-shaper to narrow its beam spread for selective lighting. A case is provided for storage and transport.⁣

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Small Package, Easy to Use⁣
This compact ilkeen light modifier is a genuine innovation in adaptability. Whether you are dealing with cramped surroundings or low ceilings, in a studio or on location, you can adapt ipipe light to any spatial situation. It is so simple you can assemble it in an instant, have no need for a boom stand, and can pack it away quickly too.⁣
Controllable 360-Degree Beam Spread⁣
The ipipe light combines the functions of a range of light modifiers in a single unit. The unique 360-degree light output enables uniform illumination. With ipipe light, the two counter reflectors, with which the angle of the light can be individually adjusted, ensure ideal illumination for portraits, food, still life, fashion, interior and advertising photography. ⁣
In addition, you can choose between soft, hard, and indirect lighting to achieve special effects.⁣
A Real Problem Solver⁣
Due to its asymmetric design, the ipipe light has no need for a boom stand or for ceiling mounting. Equipped with the proven Bowen mount, ipipe light is compatible with the following any Bowen mount heads.⁣

Technical specifications

Compatibility Any bowen mount heads⁣
Flash Range Maximum flash power: 3200 Ws⁣
Beam Spread Up to 360°⁣
Photometrics f/11-8/10 @ 6.56′ (2 m), ISO 100⁣
Dimensions iPipe Light⁣
Length: 90cm)⁣
Diameter: 20cm⁣
Weight 3.8 lb (1.7 kg)