Camera PanHead (LCMS6)


iAONE LCSM6 provides smooth movement of pan and tilt. You can control the direction and speed simply by a joystick on the remote controller. You can adjust the width and high to fit the size of camera. Or you can change the 15mm rods to became even bigger remote head. This light weight extendable power pan head is perfect for all kinds of Camera Cranes, Jibs, Tripods, Heavy light stand. With only 1/4 weight of most remote head, you can use lighter jibs and less counter weight. The perfect balance of camera can be achieved easily by high adjustment and sliding quick release. It is the best assistant for indie and wedding photographers.

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iAONE LCMS6 Pan/Tilt Head

– Maximum Payload: 6kgs / 13.22lbs
– Maximum Speed: Pan & Tilt: 360° in 15sec
– Minimum Pan Speed: Pan& Tilt: 360° in 30sec
– Tilt Range: Unlimited
– Pan Range: Unlimited
– Free Rotation: External
– Power Input: AC198V-220V, 50-60HZ
– Control box power output: DC 15V, 3A
– Head Weight: 3.6kgs / 7.93lbs
– Body Size:W39 x H55 x D10cm


Technical specifications

● Height-adjustable to adapt axis
● Supports camera quick release
● Strong and durability
● Slow motion control possible
● Leveling Devices for quick adjustment