Binar Lite Assist Kit

Binar Assist is an indefatigable teammate for the professional photographers under all conditions.
With boreholes of different sizes( 38 Nos. M8, one 3/8″ and one 1/4″) one can move various equipment and devices just like jigsaw puzzles and with easy and fast assembling of this gadget many devices and parts such as power, hard disc , ram reader , bank and any other components or facilities, that are required for a professional photographer for connecting into a laptop, can be put together for enjoyable high level precision work.

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We’d like to introduce you a tireless colleague, who, unlike his size, enjoys a high capacity, and can bear the load of lap top and all its accessories.
The high number of laptop accessories, such as power bank, external hard drive, and ram reader, etc. has caused professional photographer as well as all who deal with these tools facing a certain type of hustle and bustle wherever they work. However, discipline and a peaceful mind may have a significant positive effect on their performance quality.
Like a refractory and light VIP chair, Binar Assist Kit may be used as to place laptop and all its accessories using minimum space in a safest way. For example, arrangement and lighting tools take a big space in photography, which in several cases makes it difficult or even impossible for the photographer to access his camera. Tethering is made safer using less space when using this device, which enables the photographer to see the details on the laptop bigger simultaneously and permanently avoid looking at the back of visor and/or eventually, the camera LCD under harsh conditions.
Binar Assist is made from a high quality and resistant aluminum alloy, which not only prevents your laptop nagging because of hard work, but also kindly accompany you to the end of works.
Notably, this device may easily and unlimitedly be mounted on all types of camera tripod, flash tripod and rolling stand.

What's included?

  1. 1 Pcs Binar Mouse Pad
  2. 1 Pcs Soft Case
  3. 2 Pcs Binar H Base
  4. 1 Pcs Binar M Base
  5. 1 Pcs Binar Base Mount
  6. 3 Pcs Binar Legs
  7. 1 Pcs Binar Hanger
  8. 3 Pcs Binar Universal Clamp
  9. 2 Pcs Binar Macbook Clamp
  10. 6 pcs Binar Clamps Screw
  11. 6 Pcs M6 8mm Screw
  12. 6 Pcs M6 12mm Screw
  13. 2 Pcs M8 16mm Screw
  14. 1 Pcs M6 Allen Range
  15. 1 Pcs M8 Allen Range