Background Support System (iA-BS2)


The ilkeen iA-BS2 Background Support System Kit is ideal for the travelling Photographer & Videography. It’s both portable & durable and can hold backdrops up to 12kg in weight.


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Technical specifications

•Background Support System Kit with Carrying Case.
•One background stand support system max 280cm height 315cm wide. Carrying case for backdrop stand included.
•Perfect Lightweight Iron Tripods, Solid Safety 3 Legs Stages, Premium Quality Support Bars, Height Adjustable: Min 115cm to Max 280cm Width Adjustable: Min 210cm to Max 315cm Holds canvas, muslin or paper.
•It is suggested to secure the stands with gaffer tape, or weight bags when using any background setup where there are several people, or active children on the set.
•A collapsible and lightweight background support system can be invaluable. You can get this good ilkeen iA-BS2 Background Support System without breaking the bank, and the Impact Background Support System is no exception. This background kit great for both studio and location work.